The goal of this project is to develop round-trip code generation tools for the Eclipse environment to streamline the creation of Semantic Web applications for the Java platform. By automating the relationship between ontology and implementation, this tool will allow Semantic Web researchers to update and expand existing ontologies without having to manually rewrite the implementation code.

To lean more about ontologies and the Semantic Web, please see the following Semantic Web Wikibook

Project Architecture

AutoSemantix currently supports OWL Lite ontologies and is able to generate Java code which works with the Jena framework. At this time, only adding and removing operations are supported in update feature. However, renaming will be available soon and there are plans to also support inheritance structure and type changes as well.

AutoSemantix is licensed under the GNU General Public License.



To install the AutoSemantix feature in your Eclipse 3.1 installation,
  1. Select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... to open the Install/Update wizard.

  2. Select the Search for new features to install radiobutton and click Next.

  3. Click New Remote Site to open the New Remote Site dialog.

  4. Enter the name "AutoSemantix Tools", the URL: http://autosemantix.sourceforge.net/update, and click Ok.

  5. Make sure that the checkbox to the left of "AutoSemantix Tools" is checked in the Install/Update wizard, and click Finish.

  6. Click Select All and Click Next.